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Digital Sewing

Probably the most exciting thing to happen in the world of sewing for a long long time has been the merger of digital technology with the sewing machine. As has been the case for over 150 years, Singer is leading the way in this innovation.

In the photo of the Quantum XL 150 from Singer, there is an onscreen feature that allows you to excersize digital control over your projects, just like on a computer screen. The results of this cutting edge technology merged with old fashioned creativity are limited only by your imagination.

At the Singer Sewing Shop of Corpus Christi, we offer all the stars of the Singer Digital line. From the XL 150 to the mighty Quantum XL 5000, you can see it all and try it out at our store at Airline and South Padre Island Drive in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Online Embroidery

Like their cousin, the internet, the technology on these digital machines has grown at such a rapid pace, that it is a real challenge to keep up with it. Many stores around the country have organized groups or clubs where people share information. At our Corpus Christi store, we have formed the Quantum Club, which meets twice a month at the store on Mondays at 6:30pm.

We have opened up an old fashioned Internet Bulletin Board (BBS) for you to stop by and ask question or provide answers. Please visit. It is new so don't be shy about starting a fresh topic.

We are looking to initiate discussions on digital format conversion for different machines, software, hardware, and creative and professional uses for digital sewing.

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